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Arete22 Urges Graduates to Consider Working for SMEs Over Grad Schemes

Innovative marketing and customer acquisition specialists Arete22 outline why they believe SMEs to be excellent platforms upon which graduates can launch their careers.

Arete22 understands that recently graduated students can sometimes feel lost, with a ‘small fish big pond’ mentality now that professional life beckons. Whilst it’s true that many students will already know what they want to do post-graduation – and may have already lined up opportunities accordingly – a large percentage of graduates will be unsure how and when to make their next moves. Arete22 is now actively looking for skilled graduates to utilse their business development opportunity at their firm, and explain why they believe they will be a good fit.

Many grad schemes with larger companies will have already filled up for the next 6-12 months, leaving some students panicking, and viewing the whole process as significantly daunting. In addition it is not uncommon for desired career paths to stray, even from the degree subject that students will have graduated in, which can often compound stress levels further.

Arete22 wants graduates to realise they have options. The firm wants them to realise they don’t need to waive salaries during now commonplace 6 month internships (with only a possibility of future employment), and to be aware that SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) are always on the lookout for top talent, and are great places to work.

Indeed, unlike many grad schemes, SMEs hire all year round, and often want people to start as soon as possible – meaning graduates could be settling into a new job in next to no time.

Due to the nature of SMEs – often having smaller teams of employees or contractors – they usually provide greater opportunities for gaining experience in a wide range of areas, rather than a niched speciality in a larger company. This is perfect for graduates who may not have decided for certain what exactly they want to be doing in 5-10 years time, yet have a basic understanding of their current skillset.

Although most SMEs will not be able to compete with the larger companies in terms of salary, they will place more emphasis on the company culture and take a far more social approach – making sure their employees or contractors have a thoroughly enjoyable working environment, allowing them to thrive.

Arete22 offers several development opportunities for young business professionals through their business development opportunity. The opportunity is designed so that recent graduates are able to experience roles within the sales and marketing industry that help them to advance the skill sets needed to be a successful entrepreneur. As well as this, this gives young business professionals the chance to earn while they learn, by experiencing sales and leadership responsibilities, and learning all the skills they would need to open their own business. The business development opportunity specialises in motivating the candidates to pursue their goals and gives them an education in the areas most needed to succeed in business leadership such as: sales, public speaking, financing, interviewing, leadership techniques and much more.
Arete22 was set up to cater for a niche marketing of outsourcing solutions. Having been associated within the industry for years, the entrepreneurs driving the business behind Arete22 understand how market trends have changed, and the role recent graduates can now play in developing their skills immersed in these environments. Using this information, Arete22 have set up the company to directly tailor consumer needs, making them highly sought after by their clients, as they really understand the market and how consumers like to interact with brands.


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