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Description of Arete22
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Our Aims

We grow companies and brands.
  • Who are we?

    Arete22 is made up of dedicated and passionate business consultants with over 8 years customer acquisitions experience. We have a wealth of experience helping both national and international brands achieve growth goals. When you work with people that have marketed some of the biggest brands in the world, great things happen.

  • What we do?

    We help clients grow their business through winning new customers and making more of their existing ones. Our main aim is to help our clients achieve their goals faster, maximising their potential for success. As our name states, we are constantly in pursuit of excellence for ourselves and the brands that we represent.

  • How we do it?

    We create and execute nontraditional marketing campaigns to engage target markets directly. We aim to leave a memorable impression with the consumer, and a longer lasting impact than traditional advertising. In a time when consumers are actively avoiding advertisements, we build interactive and engaging face to face, events based marketing campaigns.

  • Not the typical agency

    We’re passionate about enhancing brand performance by bringing brands to life. We do this through innovation, mind-altering creativity, and executional excellence. We produce customised experiential solutions tailored to your business objectives, and let’s face it, when you do what we do, you embrace your clients, live the brands, and have fun!

About Us

Good people.
Exceptional talent.
One common goal.

At Arete22, our clients are our partners. Founded by Cyril Williams, our expertise is grounded in creating and executing customised brand experiences that authentically represent our clients’ brands, and connect with their target audience in unique and memorable ways.

Their growth motivates us to lead, innovate and guide a program from start to success. Always searching for new opportunities and unique ways to achieve their goals.

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Our Approach

Leading with our 5 step process


Premium services that we provide.
  • Private Site Events

    On-site promotion brings the advertising to the consumer by direct face-to-face engagement or interactive displays.

  • Customer Loyalty

    We improve loyalty to ensure customers spend more, provide free word of mouth promotion and visit your business more often.

  • Lead Generation

    Lead generation is the process of creating customer leads and long-term loyalty to your brand.

  • Direct Marketing

    Direct marketing is a channel-agnostic form of advertising that allows businesses to communicate straight to the customer.

Arete's Premium Services
Careers With Us


Ready for a new challenge?
New Challenges

Our people are ambitious and want to develop their careers and move forward. This means that we’re always looking for new challenges, want to be the leader in our chosen markets, and are ready to put in the extra effort to succeed. We always approach work professionally and deliver the highest possible quality of service to our clients.


By joining our company, it’s likely you’ll join us with a number of other people. So, not only do you build very strong networks and make lasting friendships, but you’re also part of a wider group going through the same experiences.


If you want to make an impact with your work whilst being supported by smart and motivated colleagues, come find your next opportunity with us.

  • We are a winning team

    Our people share a passion for excellence (Arete), high performance and an entrepreneurial spirit. Together we encourage a culture of respect and a working environment that encourages extraordinary performance.

  • Working to value our people

    We go out of our way to give them the respect and recognition they deserve – which means offering stimulating work, investing in continuous professional development, ongoing coaching and constructive feedback, and by maintaining fair, transparent promotion processes.

  • Developing our people

    h the right tools and a little direction, we simply provide talented people the platform they require to perform. Not everyone knows where their best talents lie so we get to know our people. We aim to discover their motivations and what excites them, so we can tailor an individual career path.

  • A workplace for everyone

    It’s likely you’ll join us with a number of others, so not only will you build strong networks and make lasting friendships, but you’ll also gain the same experiences. Teamwork is vital in everything we do, as we tailor everyone’s skill set to ensure that all work we deliver is of the highest quality.

Work With US Grpahic
We believe that the more varied, the more diverse and the more open we can be as a company, the more original our service will be.

Those who want to work with incredible people in an open, modern way, carrying out talked about, culturally influential work. Whether you have experience or just starting out in the industry, we care about how you think, what you can do and where you want to go – not where you’ve come from. If that sounds like you, keep on reading.

Looking for an entry level role?

If you’re looking to take your first steps in the industry, you’ve come to the right place: we’re on the hunt for the next generation of hungry minds and we want to hear from you.

Our entry-level schemes are open to everyone – we’re interested in your skills and talents, not where you got them from. Whether you are finishing up college or university or have already established a different career and are looking for a change, we want you to apply.

There are various entry-level routes into Arete22 through our business development programme. To find out more send your CV to us on

- Frustrated by the status quo?
- Feeling stifled and stuck in your current career?
- Reached the ceiling in your current role?
- Want to be rewarded for your efforts?
- Want to work for a growing company with big ambitions?
If so, we want to hear from you.

We’re looking for the best minds in business – whether your industry is marketing, sales, events, customer service, retail , experiential, activation, PR, events, social media, shopper marketing or something else entirely. We care about your skills – not where you learnt them.

If you share our passion to shape and influence popular culture and to create different types of ideas, then send you CV to us on

News & Media

Our latest press updates
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Innovative marketing and customer acquisition specialists Arete22 outline why they believe SMEs to be excellent platforms upon which graduates can launch their careers.

Arete22: Are You Capable of Breaking Down Mental Barriers?

Taking inspiration from Napoleon Hill, sales and marketing experts Arete22 have investigated the psychological barriers that prevent many of us from attaining our own fortunes and success. 


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Contact Information

We are located in Liverpool – very much a city of the 21st-century and the John Lennon Aiport, named for one of Liverpool’s most famous sons, to-day, welcomes visitors from every corner of the globe. Please find our address and contact details below:

  • Phone: 07983170424

  • Email:

  • Address: New Oxford House, Floor 3, 75 Dale St, Liverpool, L2 2HT

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